Management Rights 101: Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many management rights questions. Our experts Frank Higginson and Chris Irons answer them in this webinar.


Top 3 Takeaways from the Management Rights FAQ Webinar:


Not Robots

MR holders are human. They do not robotically perform tasks 24/7 at the press of a button. This is not the way we expect committees to function, so we should not expect that of a MR holder.

Respect Helps!

Do unto others. Engage with MR holders as you would like to be engaged with. MR holders need to do the same in reverse. Respect for each other’s roles, positions and contexts goes a long way to establishing a satisfying working relationship.

Eyes On The Prize

Whether you are an owner, committee member or MR holder, your end game is the same: protecting the substantial investment you have made in the scheme, and ideally, growing its value. So even if you do not personally like someone, you will still share a common goal, and that is essential in making things work.


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Do you want more information about the assignment of management rights?

Management rights businesses are created by entering into agreements with a body corporate. These agreements are usually of a long-term nature and often involve very experienced management rights holders backed by large businesses. If you are a body corporate committee member wanting to know more about the process of assigning management rights including what you need to know before consenting to the assignment of management rights then we recommend downloading our free guide below.


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Hynes Webinar Hosts


Frank Higginson photo

Frank Higginson
Partner & Director @ Hynes Legal

Frank has extensive experience in strata law and is an active participant in the body corporate and management rights industries. He regularly presents at industry events and offers thought leadership on why strata and body corporate disputes need to be resolved in a different way.



Chris Irons photo
Chris Irons
Director & Consultant @ Strata Solve

Formerly Queensland's Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, Chris ' experience in dealing with strata issues and resolving conflict in body corporate is unmatched. Chris bring unmatched experience to the table as well as a unique perspective on solving issues in strata. Chris now heads up strata consultancy firm Strata Solve.