Deter, or not deter? Using by-laws as deterrents


Can a committee use a by-law they know is ‘wrong’ to encourage good behaviour and deter undesirable actions?

In this webinar hosted by LookUpStrata, partner Frank Higginson discusses the use of by-laws as deterrents with fellow industry leaders Chris Irons from Strata Solve and Nikki Jovicic from LookUpStrata Pty Ltd.



Topics discussed

  •  Using by-laws as a deterrent to discourage unwanted behaviour.
  • Understanding the legalities and when by-laws work best.
  • Finding creative solutions to common strata headaches.

Who should watch

This webinar is for anyone wanting to:

  • Promote a more peaceful and enjoyable community.
  • Learn effective ways to address problems.

Top tips on using by-laws as deterrents

  1. Don’t kid yourself on consequences
  2. Be clear on objectives
  3. Should you REALLY be doing this? Is it reasonable?
  4. Use alternatives, such as persuasive communications and third-party facilitation
  5. Get by-laws properly reviewed 


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