Manager Series - Guy Elliott

We go behind the scenes with management rights owner, caretaker and onsite manager of Sailfish Point Resort in Mermaid Waters Qld, Guy Elliot.

Frank Higginson interviews Guy to discover what he wishes he knew before owning a management rights business.


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Top Takeaways from Guy Elliott:

Be careful before involving yourself in strata disputes

"Sometimes there are disputes you need to get involved in.  But lots don’t need you.  Be very careful about taking a position on a dispute that doesn’t really affect you – because you will turn people offside by doing that."

Management Rights Are Often Underestimated

"Understand the stress you’re walking into. Knowing the history of the complex was complicated and having a father that was also in management rights, I went in to this with no idea about what goes on behind the scenes in the business."

More Than Just A Great Lifestyle

"No one makes money for nothing... MR is more than just a great lifestyle, there is a lot of work involved and if there is $150,000 body corporate salary then there is probably $150,000 worth of work involved."

Caretaking Is King! 
Your caretaker’s role is your number one priority. Always go above and beyond your contractual obligations and your owners will be happy with you"

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Frank Higginson
Partner & Director @ Hynes Legal

Frank has extensive experience in strata law and is an active participant in the body corporate and management rights industries. He regularly presents at industry events and offers thought leadership on why strata and body corporate disputes need to be resolved in a different way.

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Guy Elliott
Director & Principal @ GKM Real Estate, ARAMA Board of Directors & National President
Experienced management rights holder and onsite manager, Guy and his partner Kathryn manage Sailfish Point Resort in Mermaid Waters Qld. Principle of GKM Real Estate, Guy operates leasing and sales for a large number of owners and is well positioned to give some of the best "insiders" advice in the industry. Guy is also National President for the peak body for the Management Rights Industry, The Australian Resident Accommodation Manager’s Association (ARAMA).


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