Mould-en years: Who is responsible for mould issues in strata communities?

Mould can be a health hazard, so who is responsible in strata and how it is dealt with?


Top 3 takeaways for dealing with mould Issues in strata:


Get technical  

We are not mould experts. So find someone who is and also find actual, technical solutions to the problem. There will be plenty of ‘traditional’ methods for addressing mould, we think some may be old wives’ tales. Find the real story about it from people who know what they are talking about.  

Act early 

By the time a mould problem has been left to fester for weeks or months, it may have already had a health impact and would likely be more costly to remove. So don’t leave it, attend to the problem as soon as it becomes evident or known.  

Work with tenants and their agents  

Where tenants (known as occupiers under strata legislation) are involved, the body corporate should work with them, and letting agents, to address mould issues. Bodies corporate absolutely have an obligation to deal with occupiers direct in some situations – that obligation is not always well known or understood.   

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