Water Ingress in Body Corporate

If you are a part of a body corporate, it's important to know the common legal issues that can arise with water ingress. In this webinar, we discuss the most common issues and how you can protect yourself from them.


Our top 3 takeaways:

Prevention Better Than Cure

Maintenance – and proactive maintenance – by the body corporate, following its legislated responsibilities, can go a long way to preventing ingress or mitigating its impacts. A maintenance schedule can also be useful in relation to insurance premiums.

Get Expert Advice

A common issue is ‘how do we tell where the ingress is from?’. Unless you are an engineer or plumber, or similar, you will only ever be guessing – and guessing and assumption will not be enough to win a case, if it gets that far. So get expert advice. It will cost money, although it will lsave money in the long run.

Make The Call

Where there are competing expert advices, it might be ok to get another advice, but at some stage, a decision has to be made. Not only is it bad for the scheme to let things drag on, the water damage might get worse the longer the situation goes unchecked.

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Hynes Webinar Hosts


Frank Higginson photo

Frank Higginson
Partner & Director @ Hynes Legal

Frank has extensive experience in strata law and is an active participant in the body corporate and management rights industries. He regularly presents at industry events and offers thought leadership on why strata and body corporate disputes need to be resolved in a different way.



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Chris Irons
Director & Consultant @ Strata Solve

Formerly Queensland's Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, Chris ' experience in dealing with strata issues and resolving conflict in body corporate is unmatched. Chris bring unmatched experience to the table as well as a unique perspective on solving issues in strata. Chris now heads up strata consultancy firm Strata Solve.