Recording Strata Committee Meetings

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Recording Strata Committee Meetings 

 Body corporate and strata committee members have legal obligations in recording of committee meetings. In this webinar learn the tips and tricks on how to ensure you meet your obligations. 



Top 3 Takeaways For Recording Strata Committee Meetings:


Recording A Meeting To Use Against Your Fellow Committee Members Is NOT A Good Idea
  • Do you really need to record because your memory isn’t great, or are you doing it because you want to trip up someone else and get a Current Affair-style ‘gotcha!’ moment? If it is the latter, that is absolutely the wrong place to start and your issues are far deeper than a simple ‘can I record this meeting or not’ query.  


Consider How Other Committee Members Feel About Being Recorded
  •  Would you like it if someone recorded you without your knowledge? No? Then don’t be surprised if someone objects to you recording them in a strata meeting, and especially if you are not upfront about it. Ask yourself: Why do you want to record the meeting in covert?


Recordings Are Strata Records and Can Be Accessed Under Legislation  
  • No surprises here: the ‘record’ part of ‘recorded’ should give it away. Once you have something tangible on audio or video then that tangible ‘thing’, recoding a strata meeting, is very much a strata record. You should be prepared for it to be treated that way and thus, it be made accessible under legislation.


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