The Role of Property Developers in Strata


With the Queensland Government announcing a review of property developers, it is a good moment to reflect on their role in strata.




Top 3 Tips for Dealing with Developers in Strata

  • Pay Attention to Disclosures

Whether owner, committee or other, if you are given documents required by a mandatory disclosure regime, then remember – they are there for a reason, so read them. You may learn something about the developer’s role or obligations you were not aware of, which in turn may have a big impact on your role in the scheme.

  • Understand Roles

Everyone in strata has a defined role and that is true too of developers. If your expectations are not aligned to the parameters of their role, you will end up frustrated and disappointed. In other words – don’t expect of a developer something they are not required to give.

  • If You Want to Take Action, Be Sure You Are Resilient

If a developer does not do what they are meant to do, there are remedies to pursue that under legislation. Are they practical or easy? Hardly. So that means that if you are inclined to take action, in addition to evaluating if it is cost effective to do so, you also have to be sure you are resilient enough to follow it through, as it will likely be a long and challenging process to follow.


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