Unofficial Strata Committee Communications


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Frank and Chris discuss the informal and unofficial communication methods that body corporate committees use. This webinar touches on the more traditional tools like phone, email and mail as well as the application of virtual and video calling in a strata context with the likes of Teams or Zoom.


Top 3 Takeaways


Imagine You Are On Trial… 

 …and you are being asked by the Judge, or Counsel, to explain your actions, in particular, something you committed to paper, months or years prior. Could you do it? Do you have a defence? If not, then you shouldn’t be putting those words to paper. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind.  


An ‘Interested Person’ Has Very Clear Rights  

 Body corporate legislation is clear about who can access body corporate records and it isn’t something a committee can avoid in most situations, even if they think they have good reason for doing so. In other words, committee desire for confidentiality can’t displace legislative rights.  


Try Talking  

Instead of composing yet another lengthy email diatribe, consider picking up the phone, or if you can, walking down the corridor or hallway and knocking on your fellow committee member’s door for a casual chat. None of that gets recorded.  


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