How should you craft strata meeting minutes to avoid arguments?

Making sure your strata committee is doing the right things can be hard. Here are some tips on how to ensure they have a solid foundation, so you can avoid disputes in the future - by crafting better strata meeting minutes.


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Top 3 takeaways for crafting strata meeting minutes:

Get the Basics Right First

There’s one sure way to get people offside in strata minutes and that is to get basics wrong. Reporting that Ethel Smith from Lot 3 attended the general meeting, when in fact it was Enid Smith from Lot 33, not only makes those people irritated, it makes other wonder what else is wrong in the minutes.

Opt-In for Minutes

Owners can opt to not receive minutes. Why would you do that, though? Why wouldn’t you want to know what is going on? Don’t take the passive road: get the minutes sent to you. And then…

Actually Read Minutes

There is no point to receiving minutes if you don’t read them. Most of the time the minutes will be benign and you can probably read them in a few minutes. When something critical occurs, you will be in the habit of reading and you will then have a greater chance of picking up information you really need to be aware of.

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