Positive Communication with Owners

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How can a strata committee better manage interactions with owners? We discuss positive communication strategies for breaking down barriers between committees and owners.

Top 3 Takeaways

Our top 3 takeaways for committees to better manage owner interactions: 


Balance ‘people’ with ‘being business like’  

Owners are people and yet a body corporate is akin to running a business. So, strike the balance. Use first names where possible and apt, but also use committee-specific email addresses to establish appropriate distance. Be professional, yet don’t forget any human costs (e.g., especially in very ‘human’  issues such as noise or pets).  


Know who you are dealing with  

You can’t manage owners if you don’t know who the owner is. Make sure the roll is up to date. If the registered owner is one part of a couple, be sure to communicate with them, not their partner. Do you have all of your tenant details? Tenancies of more than 6 months must be recorded on the body corporate roll.  


Put yourself in the recipient's shoes  

Ask yourself as a committee: would I want to receive this email? This is a good way to ensure you tone, approach and style is appropriate. If you read a draft and you get to the end and think ‘whoa, that’s harsh’ , then so too will owners. That’s your chance to temper it.  

 Useful Links:

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