Factions and Voting Blocs

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Politics in strata! Find out what factions and voting blocs are and how they work in strata. 

Top 3 Takeaways


Know Your Factions and Blocs  

Take the time to profile and identify exactly who and what you’re dealing with. Remember that your idea of a faction or bloc voting might actually be people voting for things because, well, that’s what they want! You might have to accept you don’t (and won’t) have the numbers.  


Who are the ringleaders? 

Just as in politics, in strata there are ringleaders and kingmakers. They aren’t always the people in the defined leadership roles, such as chairperson or secretary. They might be in the background but they wield influence. Sometimes it is the most quiet players who are the most active in a faction, or gather a bloc.  


Are you going to get your hands dirty? 

Tough but necessary question to ask yourself. If you think all this political stuff is beneath you, fine – just be honest about it and don’t complain when you don’t get what you want. Decide how much you are prepared to do to further your interests, regardless of if you are committee or owner or caretaker, and then be prepared to bring in external help to do so.   


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