The next body corporate consultation paper is out

We have yet another consultation paper from the government for bodies corporate. This one relates to administration and procedure. It asks 89 (!) questions around issues such as:

  1. Flexible AGM dates
  2. Notice periods for general meetings;
  3. Insurance decisions;
  4. How voters are counted;
  5. Quorums for meetings;
  6. Spending limits;
  7. Voting at meetings – resolutions without dissent, majority resolutions and poll voting;
  8. The composition of the committee (including whether the resident manager should be a voting member);
  9. Part 5 engagements of body corporate managers (when there is no committee);
  10. Delegations to the body corporate manager;
  11. Removal of committee members;
  12. Codes of conduct for service providers;
  13. ‘Professional’ committee members;
  14. Electronic voting and notices;
  15. Electronic attendance at meetings;
  16. Expanding the dispute resolution provisions to include developers and subsidiary bodies corporate;
  17. And lots more.

Submissions close on 22 February 2016 so there is plenty of time to digest and contribute if you are interested. It is not a 2015 job.

By the time the government digests the lot entitlements submissions and the most recent consultation paper on by-laws etc, there is a very large ambit for potential regulatory change.

It will give us all something to think about in 2016 (if a decision is ever made on any of it).

You can access the latest consultation paper here.